May I trust that all my needs are always met in amazing ways and may I be wildly open to receiving.

Tosha Silver

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Oh Marti, I’m loving the money tapping. You are brilliant! And since I have been tapping I have 3 new clients and possibly a 4th too. Also, I was looking for a room for my practice and tried so hard to find a room. They are in short supply for evening sessions in London or they are eye wateringly expensive. So I surrendered and asked for help. I got a fantastic room. Cheaper than the going rate of £17 an hour, my room is £7 per hour. And in a fantastic area and it’s newly decorated, you still smell the fresh paint smell! I love it! It works!


I have been tapping on and off using Marti’s tapping audios in this program. Last night, I was drawn to tap along with the audio, “Tapping for Losing Hope again”. And, guess what this morning, I got a text from someone that I know, asking me if she can book sessions with me. I’m going to have a conversation with her soon. I didn’t feel hopeless at all when I started tapping. Now that I think about it, I feel that some part of my unconscious felt hopeless and that got cleared through this tapping.

M. Ramesh